Hello! My name is Lucas Hinderberger.

I'm a software engineer, creative thinker and FOSS developer living in Leipzig, Germany.

In the past, I worked as a backend web developer at various start-ups and small companies. I studied computer science at HTW Dresden and hold a Dipl.-Inf. (FH) degree.

I'm interested in all things related to computer science, especially clean and domain-driven software architecture, systems programming (mainly C and Rust), embedded software development (I've tinkered with AVRs since school and am currently getting into STM32s), formal languages / compiler construction, event-sourced systems and high-quality, well-tested software craftsmanship.

My creative interests include making and listening to all kinds of music (I play the piano and like to experiment with synthesizers and DAWs) and photo- and videography.

Other topics that I'm interested in include aviation (especially rotary-wing aircraft), history, The Netherlands and the Dutch language as well as cooking and - of course - coffee.

I speak German (native), English (fluent) and Dutch (good).

You can find out more about my professional life on LinkedIn.

My FOSS projects live at Codeberg. For a quick overview, check out the Projects section of this site.

Fairly regularly, I post at Mastodon.

Feel free to contact me via mail@lucas-hinderberger.de.